Platform Benefits

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  • Set Up In Moments - Mount the sensor, turn it on, walk away.

  • Portable - Easily move sensors between rooms or from site to site.

  • Transparency - know whats happening across your whole site, 24/7​​.

  • Commercial grade monitoring - High quality sensors record accurate data.

Platform Use Cases


  • Reduce damages and rework which result in project delays.

  • Become alerted early to mould and leakages.


  • Reduce CO2, energy use and materials wastage through reduced rework and travel.



  • Quickly become alerted to issues (e.g. fire, VOC’s, dust, leakages) offering better protection for people on site and in the vicinity.


Quality Assurance

  • Keep historical environmental site records.

  • Ensure quality to customers through the drying process.


Everything we do is about making life easier for people through technology.

In order to meet growing demand, data will be essential for the construction industry. Data has already revolutionised countless industries and construction is next.

Using cutting edge technology for data capture and analytics we are driven to improve the built world and the way people work.


RYSTA offers solutions across the whole building lifecycle, from construction to upkeep. For more information on our indoor solutions please visit www.rysta.de

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