RYSTA offers a path towards sustainability in Real Estate and Construction

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In 2018 building operations and construction accounted for 36% of our global energy use and 39% of global CO2 emissions(1).

Globally, the construction of buildings is only increasing with our total global building stock expected to double by 2060. This equates to 230 billion m2 of new floor area(2). As the world strives towards a more sustainable future, the companies within the building and construction industry are coming under increasing pressure to integrate sustainable practises and reduce energy and emissions.

However in order to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we need to decarbonise and improve energy efficiency in buildings at a rate of 3% per year from 2020 onwards(3). In traditional industries with slow technological adoption action needs to be taken now. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require focus and effort across the entire building lifecycle, from planning, materials and construction, to operation.

With clear sustainability goals and strong social pressures, social responsibility and sustainability are now at the forefront of the minds of business decision makers and consumers. There is both pressure and desire for people to do business with sustainable companies and this is influencing decision making. Failure to operate sustainably will be detrimental for businesses and those that excel in sustainable practises will have a competitive advantage over those that don't.

In construction and Real Estate new technologies are emerging which offer a path towards increased efficiencies, sustainable materials and sustainable processes. RYSTA is one such technology which can help your company become more sustainable.


RYSTA facilitates the sustainable protection of construction sites and buildings through IoT monitoring of indoor and outdoor environments.

Our end-to-end, plug and play platform offers sensor hardware, analytics and user dashboards, and is simple to set up in new builds, renovations and existing buildings.

By offering transparency in places where it previously did not exist, RYSTA empowers its customers and users to make data-driven decisions improving their process optimisation, waste management, risk management, site safety and sustainability.

RYSTA for Construction Sites

RYSTA offers transparency across the entire construction site. By digitalising environmental parameters RYSTA provides actionable insights in real time for improved decision making. RYSTA facilitates sustainable site management with the following examples:

  • Reduction in delays and rework. Delays can cost more than 20% of the estimated project cost (4) and result in unnecessary energy wastage for each and every day that progress is delayed.

  • Project Managers can make better decisions about the allocation and utilisation of their (human and other) resources and decrease waste (time, money and resources).

  • Project managers/maintenance staff can reduce time and CO2 emissions from driving around by car to check the site or asset parameters in person through multiple locations.

  • Safety of workers and people in the site’s vicinity can be improved through monitoring of VOC’s, fire, water and dust created on construction sites and in other harsh environments. Action can also be taken to reduce the impacts on the surrounding environment from the same parameters.

RYSTA construction site multi-sensor

RYSTA for Homes, Offices & Buildings

RYSTA provides transparency into the environment within homes, offices and buildings. Environmental information can be used to improve air quality, better control energy consumption and optimise operations. RYSTA facilitates sustainable indoor environments through the following examples:

  • By monitoring and providing insights on air quality and comfort (temperature and humidity) RYSTA facilitates energy efficient ventilation, ensuring energy conservation within the home or building while promoting healthier, more comfortable environments for occupants.

  • Using room climate and weather data RYSTA can optimise indoor conditions ensuring heating and cooling is accurately and efficiently controlled and preventing unnecessary energy wastage.

  • By monitoring buildings RYSTA can understand room usage, optimising energy usage in rooms. Predictive maintenance also frees up resources to be focused elsewhere.

  • By preventing mould growth in residential buildings, RYSTA improves living standards of tenants through better health and quality of life. (issues due to mould, worsening of asthma symptoms, allergies, etc.) Damage to buildings and materials is also prevented meaning less materials and energy is used in renovations and rework.

RYSTA indoor multi sensor

RYSTA offers owners, operators and tenants a sustainable platform for digitalisation of indoor and outdoor environments, addressing the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

If you are in Real Estate and construction and are looking to give your business an edge in sustainable practises, RYSTA could be for you. Send us an email and we will be happy to discuss your vision and how RYSTA can help.

Email: info@rysta.io

For more information on RYSTA visit our website:

RYSTA Construction Monitoring: www.rysta.io

RYSTA Mould and Indoor Monitoring: www.rysta.de

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