Meet the Spring 2019 InNEVator Companies

Guest article by Crystal Harvey:

Sitting in week four of the Spring 2019 InNEVator, the companies are finding their footing and narrowing in on their value propositions and market segments. Now with no further ado, please read on to learn more about each company!

The Companies


RYSTA, based in Berlin, Germany, has created a multi-sensor device capable of measuring different indoor environmental factors – such as humidity and sound. Entering the market three years ago to address monitoring of delicate lab environments, they’ve expanded into the real estate space to address an expensive health hazard that actively affects one-third of all living spaces in Germany – mold. It is a health hazard with expensive consequences for property owners that is easily preventable with the help of RYSTA’s sensors alerting tenants when to ventilate their home to prevent mold development.

After gaining traction in the multi-tenant housing space, RYSTA began their expansion into the renovation and construction industry which is looking for their help to digitize their building sites. RYSTA’s multi-sensor technology enables developers and contractors to measure key factors in the construction environment to prevent financial losses due to: accountability of subcontractors, unsafe working conditions, liability, and security risks. RYSTA is able to accomplish this with their smart multi-sensor technology by continuously measuring environmental conditions and providing data to the customers, and notifications to appropriate stakeholders, if questionable events occur. For example unsafe spikes in humidity or air particulates, or the sound of a broken window.

At the InNEVator, RYSTA is looking to understand the needs of the US construction market and work with the program’s mentors to define the best product-market fit for their technology here in Reno and the Western United States.

RYSTA’s Website:

STEAM Energy Labs

STEAM Energy Labs has created a thermostat for electric residential water heaters that enables utilities to balance the electricity grid, while simultaneously saving money for homeowners. With this solution, STEAM is tackling a quickly growing problem for utilities incorporating sustainable energy sources into the grid, sources which are inherently intermittent due to weather patterns. The destabilization of the grid combined with mandated sustainability initiatives and feed-in residential solar energy has utilities on the hunt for energy storage solutions that cost-effectively stabilize energy supply. STEAM’s thermal energy storage approach costs 90% less than commonly used batteries and other storage technologies while also cutting in half water heating costs for homeowners.

At the InNEVator, Steam is working to solidify its value proposition for customers and utility managers. At the same time, Steam is making their product manufacturing ready for their first utility-scale pilot project in Q4 of 2019.

STEAM Energy Lab’s Website:

Solai, Inc.

Solai Inc is an emerging food technology company with the mission to bring smart gardening to every home in the US and beyond. Solai has over six years of experience in the gardening industry bringing multiple greenhouse products from ideation to market locally and have strategic plans to expand nationally. Gaining key grow-it-yourself customer insights over the last 6 years, they have developed three different best-in-class gardening products to make sustainability and organic gardening accessible to everyone from homeowners to condo/apartment dwellers.

Solai entered the InNEVator to finalize design concepts for their smart microgreen growing system which shortens harvest times by 4-5 times, and ties it together with a fun app that turns black thumbs into green thumbs. They are moving fast to complete their prototypes and begin early market testing and validation in Q3 2019.

Solai Inc’s Website:


SureGauge has developed a smart system for monitoring levels in gas cylinders. SureGauge’s unique technology can provide critical information related to gas levels and potential loss of product. SureGauge’s patent pending technology can extend into a variety of gas delivery systems in a broad range of industries.

In the research laboratory and pharmaceutical space, SureGauge is increasing efficiencies. Gas cylinders play a critical role in lab testing environments. Running out of gas due to today’s inefficient monitoring methods have proven to be costly in these environments. In a key partnership with the University of Nevada, Reno, SureGauge’s technology has proven to reduce laboratory operating costs.

Insightful understanding and analysis of gas usage, storage, and delivery methods will create a more sustainable environment world wide. SureGauges team has the capability and knowledge to tailor their technology to industry-specific needs.

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