Room Buddy prevents mold before it starts to grow and helps you to improve your interior climate

Mold - an unwelcome roommate

10% of all flats in Germany are affected by mold. Especially modern new buildings and  refurbished old buildings tend to have a very moist interior climate, which encourages mold growth strongly due to good isolation.  

Once your flat is affected by mold, it has an severe impact on your health.  From exposure of the interior climate with mold spores, can trigger allergies and asthma. 

Besides the health risks mold is removed only with aggressive and expensive methods. Many millions per year are spent for such renovations.

 The Room Buddy helps you to avoid such expensive renovations and to protect your health and your familiy from the threats of mold. 

The Room Buddy improves your interior climate noticeable

With the Room Buddy mold infestation is prevented even before mold can grow. The Room Buddy measures temperature and humidity in your flat. Are there critical conditions for mold growth, the Room Buddy gives an alarm and you get a notification in the Room Buddy App. 

Now it is time for ventilating and mold has no chance to grow. 

The Room Buddy App:  strength in the fight against mold

The Room Buddy App shows you the current information about your interior climate. Have a look on the real time temperature and humidity in your apartment. 

If your values are in a critical range, the Room Buddy itself gives an alarm and also the Room Buddy App, which helps you to resolve the situation. Mold is thereby an problem of the past days. 

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Recognize the threat before mold starts to grow

The Room Buddy helps you to note critical conditions and avoid optimal growing conditions for mold

 With the alarm signal you inhibit the threat directly

Due to the explicit alarm signal of the Room Buddy and the notification in the App, you notice optimal growing conditions for mold and you can prevent them actively.  

Save energy costs with a smart interior climate management

The Room Buddy helps you to create a smart interior clima by periodic ventilation and suitable temperature to avoid mold. 

Schimmel mold and its high renovation costs are a threat of yesterday 

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