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Rysta Featured in Dagens Byggeri, Denmark

Construction site monitoring: Rysta's construction sensor was featured in the Danish news publication, Dagens Byggeri. Julia Gebert and Juan Ocampo, Rysta CEO and COO respectively, discuss with Hans-Henrik Lærke.

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Rysta aims to take guesswork and judgement out of construction site management, replacing it with informed timely decisions through near real time site data.

Using smart IoT sensors placed throughout the construction site, Rysta measures and analyses 8 environmental metrics, delivering actionable insights to project managers, contractors and other stakeholders.

With data driven insights at their fingertips, stakeholders now have visibility across their whole site improving decision making, efficiency, site safety, risk management and reporting.

Whenever there is an increase in data in an industry we see a leap in efficiency. Through our IoT platform Rysta seeks to propel the the construction industry towards greater efficiency.

Read the full article here

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