Construction Site Monitoring

Temperature and humidity data sent straight into your construction diary

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Building Construction

Managing The Drying Process Is Frustrating & Time Consuming

  • Improper drying leads to damages and quality assurance issues

  • Project managers must walk the site every day, manually collecting site data and monitoring the drying process

But this process can be automated, leading to better drying, reduced risk and more time for other tasks.

RYSTA Automatically Tracks the Drying Process For You

Track the drying process at all times through your device, without needing to walk the site. 

  • Save time everyday not manually collecting data

  • Be alerted when rooms are not drying correctly

  • Make better operational decisions reducing damages, rework and delays

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Rysta Dashboard



"Previously, measuring the humidity on the construction site always required the project manager or project supervisor to go from one house to the next, write down the values and enter them in a table so that we could then process them digitally.


With the sensors from RYSTA, it's possible for us to call up the current data every hour at any time, whether we are on the construction site or in the office, and to immediately pass it on digitally to the client or archive it for later documentation. So it’s very useful for us."


Hans-Peter Berger

Management for Berlin

TM Ausbau GmbH

The Platform

RYSTA is an IoT platform giving you transparency across your whole site through data capture, analytics and alerts. 

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Designed by Mike Nuttall, IDEO 

Co-founder, Palo Alto

Construction Multi Sensors Monitor Your Site 24/7

  • Rechargeable battery lasts 1 year

  • NBIoT wireless connectivity

  • Rugged casing designed for construction sites and harsh conditions


All-in-one sensors measure:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Light

  • Noise

  • Dust

  • Vibration

  • VOC's

  • Motion

Analytics And Dashboards 

Our platform analyses your data and sends actionable insights and alerts to different stakeholders.

  • View all your sites data on one device

  • Different dashboard views for different stakeholders

  • Automated risk alerts

Rysta Dashboard

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