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Discover the potential

of IoT

Innovate with the Rysta data monitoring solution. With Rysta's plug 'n' play devices you can test your  IoT idea and turn it quickly into a market-ready product.

Innovate your business with data monitoring and analytics

Big data, machine learning and IoT will change the world, but today very few businesses benefit from those technologies. Take advantage of these trends to improve your productivity, optimize your business processes and reduce costs using Rysta´s data monitoring solution. 

Extend your market
with new ideas

Access new markets and offer more and better services to your customers with Rysta's plug'n'play data monitoring devices powering your IoT product with data monitoring, analytics and delivery right into your systems. No hardware and firmware development is needed for building your own IoT product. 

Explore the potential of fast prototyping 

With Rysta you can set up a prototype within weeks and discover the user needs. With our sensor you can build a test setup for your IoT product much faster than developing everything from scratch. 

Turn your successful test setup into a market-ready product

Get rid of all the pain and risks of long development cycles. A prototype with our technology can be quickly turned into a real product. 

The Rysta technology

smart sensors with operating system

server for managing multiple distributed devices

 open API for full control

Get to know our multitool:
The Rysta data sensor
The key characteristics of the Rysta technology 

We offer a hardware framework and operating system specifically designed for the needs of data monitoring and IoT solutions.

Your product will be just another app running on our hardware.

We provide powerful data analytics on our devices to preprocess your data at the place where it is generated.

Rest API to your data
Feature Analysis
Feature Analysis
Rysta operating system 
rest API to your data
scalable backend
OTA updates
edge computing
secure by default
feature analysis
alarm service
manage your device fleet
MQTT broker
machine learning

Your use case with the Rysta sensors

Take your Rysta and connect it to your local WiFi.

Configure your Rysta in the dashboard and activate a sensor or choose a recipe for a specific use case.

From now on you may monitor the data and run your analytics.